Accu-Flo Plus Irons

Accu-Flo Plus Irons, the forgiving irons.
The new, 1982 Accu-Flo Plus irons are even more effective and more accurate for more golfers than the original Accu-Flo. They incorporate all the best design features that allow a wider margin of error on off-center hits, including fat and thin hits. Graduated offset leading edges forgive too quick a release by promoting the hands to the correct impact position for each club.

Heel and toe weighting ballasts create a torsion resisting, flywheel effect that reduces left or right deviation and loss of distance on off-center hits. The wide flange "bounce" sole concentrates the weight low to get the ball up quicker, even from tough lies. or on fat or thin hits.

Power-Step shafts for extra added distance. Investment cast, 431 stainless steel stays looking new longer.

Precio Minorista: N/A

  • Overview
    • Iron Heads: Investment Cast, 431 Stainless Steel, Offset Hosel
  • Specs
    Irons2 Iron3 Iron4 Iron5 Iron6 Iron7 Iron8 Iron9 IronPWSW
    Length 39" 38.5" 38" 37.5" 37" 36 5/8" 36.25" 35 7/8" 35.5" 35.25"
    Loft 19° 22° 26° 30° 33° 37° 41° 45° 49° 55°
    Lie 58° 59° 60° 60° 61° 62° 62° 63° 63° 64°
    Swing Wt